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Energy Insights

Energy Insights

We Make It Easy to Achieve Your Sustainability Goals



Did you know that buildings account for 40% of the world's energy consumption?


This means energy efficiency improvements, which are good for the planet and your business, are more important than ever. With Efficiency First from WGL Energy Services (WGL Energy), we make it easy for your business to make energy efficiency improvements that save you money and help you reach your sustainability goals.


You'll benefit from long-term savings, improved operations and the convenience of working with one partner – all without the need for upfront capital investment.




Getting started is easy. Our experts complete an on-site energy audit at your business, where we’ll identify opportunities for efficiency upgrades. We’ll even create a payment plan that works for your energy budget.


Your energy savings will help offset equipment and installation costs, so there's no negative impact on your bottom line. When the project is completed, you’ll own all of the equipment – which is paid for as part of your energy supply contract.


Your savings will continue long after your equipment upgrades have been paid off, freeing up future capital for investment elsewhere in your business.


With Efficiency First from WGL Energy, you can upgrade a wide variety of equipment in your facility, from LED lights to HVAC controls to reflective window coverings and more. You can rest easy, knowing that WGL Energy's Efficiency First projects come with a multi-year fixed price for electricity, so you'll be protected from changing market conditions and unpredictable prices.


When you partner with WGL Energy, you’ll work with a trusted team of experts to develop a customized plan for achieving your energy management and sustainability goals. WGL Energy manages all of the project complexities, so you can focus on managing and growing your business.

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