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Choose Your Energy Supplier



Energy choice is the power to choose your home’s energy supplier.

Depending on the state you live in, you may be able to choose who supplies electricity and/or natural gas to your home. By choosing your energy supplier, you can choose your pricing plan and lock in a low fixed price. You can also choose renewable energy and green energy products, like electricity sourced from wind power or natural gas matched with carbon offsets.

The benefits of Energy Choice include:
 • Low Prices
 • Simple Billing Options
 • Product Innovations
 • Cleaner Environment



With WGL Energy Services (WGL Energy), choosing an energy supplier is surprisingly easy. Visit our website to make your energy choice today and let us help you choose the right energy product for your home:
 • Electricity
 • Natural Gas
 • Renewable Energy
 • Carbon Offsets

So go ahead – make your energy choice today!


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