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Green Is the New Competitive Advantage



In a March 2017 study of business decision-makers responsible for energy management practices at companies with more than 250 employees, 61% of those surveyed said their customers are demanding that their companies procure a percentage of their electricity supply from renewable resources like wind and solar.1

Green Is the New Competitive Advantage

Consumers are not just requiring responsible energy practices from companies; they’re also willing to pay for them. According to a 2015 Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report, 66% of consumers will pay more for a product if it comes from a sustainable brand.2

In order to attract customers, businesses need to offer what consumers want – and today that goes beyond the goods and services that you’re providing. Your customers want to know your business – and its operations – are having a positive impact on the planet. Demonstrating that you value the environment as much as they do is a great way to sharpen your competitive advantage in the market.


“A sustainable energy management and procurement strategy is

more than an operating expense; it’s an opportunity to stay competitive...”


For small and medium-sized business owners, energy use is typically one of the largest impacts they can have on the environment. It can also be a significant operating expense. Large enterprises have extensive resources and plans dedicated to reducing their energy spend and making their businesses more sustainable.

Our small and medium-sized business energy team can help you implement easy, affordable actions for managing your energy costs and consumption, reducing your carbon footprint and demonstrating your environmental commitment. A sustainable energy management and procurement strategy is more than an operating expense; it’s an opportunity to stay competitive by making the energy choices consumers are increasingly demanding. 

Download our green paper and learn why green is the new competitive advantage.




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