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Join a Market Leader in Providing Energy Answers

Across all segments of our business – government, commercial & industrial, small business and residential – channel partners are helping us to make energy surprisingly easy.

The energy landscape is changing. Innovation is driving improvements in energy production (e.g., alternative energy sources, smart grids, energy storage, etc.) and consumption (e.g., energy efficiency, energy management, transportation, etc.). Customers are demanding greater expertise and purchasing flexibility in areas like security and energy resilience – at affordable and competitive prices.

WGL Energy is a market leader in the energy industry and our channel partners are helping us to provide customers with energy answers that are future ready today.

Affinity Partners

The WGL Energy Services affinity marketing program is an opportunity for organizations, who may be looking to raise money, while providing their members with affordable access to electricity, natural gas and renewable energy options.


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We typically partner with non-profit organizations that share our commitment to serving others, and where their members find value in our traditional and renewable energy offerings. Our participation can help provide needed services to the local community or even strengthen your member benefits program, by providing members with the ability to purchase electricity, natural gas and renewable energy options at some of our lowest prices.



Find out how an affinity partnership can benefit your organization and its members by calling us at (877) 889-9590 or by clicking below.


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Brokers & Consultants

At WGL Energy Services, our channel partners are as integral to their customers’ success as they are to ours. Our distribution model allows customers to engage us directly or indirectly, through an established network of energy brokers and consultants.

Our channel partners are valued members of our team and have access to the following WGL Energy Services offers and capabilities:  

• The full spectrum of energy solutions: electricity and natural gas supply, renewable energy, carbon reduction, and energy efficiency 
• Dedicated resources designed to support you as you continue to expand your business 
• Evolving technology focused on improved access to information for you and our customers

Find out how we can help you make energy surprisingly easy for your customers as a WGL Energy Services channel partner by clicking below.

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Greening Partners

When you become a WGL Energy Services greening partner, we’ll donate carbon offsets to counterbalance the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) resulting from your next event – such as energy use, hotel stays and food waste.

Carbon Offsets from WGL Energy Services are certified and derived from third-party verified carbon reduction projects in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Our supply of carbon offsets comes from carbon-reduction projects in the waste management sector, such as the capture and destruction of methane from regional landfills.

WGL Energy is also investing a portion of the proceeds from carbon offset purchases into the Carbon Reduction Fund, which is managed by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The funds are used to develop new greenhouse gas-reducing projects, and to improve air and water quality in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Our partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation has supported numerous projects including the reduction of fertilizer use through improved farming techniques, community restoration projects and the planting of tens of thousands of trees across the watershed.




Learn more about our greening partnerships by calling (888) 422-4001 or by clicking below.


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