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Our distributed generation model involves large multiple-solution projects that employ natural gas, solar, remotely-generated wind and other alternative energy solutions. One of those massive projects – supplying a comprehensive solution to the U.S. government’s General Services Administration – is now taking shape, with others in the works.

We now have alternative energy projects across the United States, representing a total distributed generation investment of almost $700 million.

WGL Distributed Generation investments total nearly $700 million since 2011 


Browse our portfolio of distributed generation solutions, below, and learn more about Distributed Impact™...a distributed energy approach that helps organizations turn energy into an asset. Or read about our portfolio of alternative energy investments to see how we're building a local, regional and national presence as a leader in the development and implementation of alternative energy solutions.

Let us help you choose and design the right solution for your government agency or business. Complete the online form to schedule your consultation with one of our experienced energy advisors.

Distributed Generation

Distributed generation (DG) refers to heating, cooling and electricity generated at the point of use.

DG assets allow government, commercial and industrial customers to generate power on-site or in close proximity to their facilities, eliminating complexities and inefficiencies that result from transmission and distribution. DG assets from WGL Energy include Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Fuel Cell, and custom Solar solutions. DG systems are typically connected to customer loads that are critical for customers to operate their businesses.

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Custom Solar Solution

Custom Solar Solutions

Custom WGL Energy solar solutions provide environmentally responsible, cost-effective electricity for government, commercial and industrial customers committed to stabilizing their energy costs, reducing their carbon footprint and improving the environment.


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Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Combined heat and power (CHP), or cogeneration, systems simultaneously generate electricity and useful heat.

Our integrated system of WGL Energy technologies is used to produce electricity and thermal energy for government, commercial and industrial customers who want to realize higher efficiencies and lower emissions than those from conventional grid power.

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Planning a Fuel Cell Project

Fuel Cell Technology

WGL Energy fuel cell technology generates electricity through a highly efficient electro-chemical process and provides on-site power for government, commercial and industrial customers who want affordable and reliable clean energy.

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Distributed Impact™

Distributed Impact™ is a distributed energy approach that helps organizations turn energy into an asset.

Distributed Impact™ draws from resources across the energy spectrum.  It combines natural gas and electricity infrastructure with distributed generation technologies like solar, CHP and fuel cells, along with wind power, carbon offsets, storage and energy efficiency.

With a custom Distributed Impact™ solution, WGL Energy can help your organization navigate fluctuating energy markets, preserve capital through the efficient allocation of energy dollars, stay connected in times of crisis, increase sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Distributed Impact™ is an energy solution for the future, available today from WGL Energy.

Click here to find out why Distributed Impact™ is right for your organization.

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