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Whether you're a family of four, a large government agency or a Fortune 1000 company, WGL Energy makes it easy to choose the right energy solution for you. Enter your information below and let us help you with your selection.


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Power your agency or business with electricity supplied by WGL Energy.

We offer convenient procurement vehicles and budget-neutral energy solutions for government agencies who want to manage energy costs across large inventories of sites and buildings, along with a variety of electricity plans for commercial and industrial customers.

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Fixed Price Contracts

Our fixed price contracts are best suited for government, commercial and industrial customers who value price stability and who want greater control over their energy budget. By focusing on energy consumption, rather than market fluctuations, fixed price contracts reduce exposure to changes in the retail energy market with an electricity supply price that remains the same over your entire contract period.

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Index Contracts

Our index-based contracts offer a variable electricity supply price and are ideal for government, commercial and industrial customers who want to take advantage of the pricing flexibility inherent in competitive retail energy markets.

Commercial Block and Index

Block and Index Contracts

Our block and index contracts combine the attributes of a fixed price with those of an index price contract and are ideal for customers with highly unpredictable or variable energy consumption patterns. A block and index product allows customers to commit to a fixed price for a specified portion of their consumption, while pricing the remainder at the applicable Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) index.

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Sub Account Contracts

Our PJM sub account contract works best for the large, sophisticated customer who requires direct access to the wholesale market, along with detailed PJM billing components.

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