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Reduce energy costs and consumption with our energy efficiency solutions.

Our array of energy efficiency solutions for government, commercial and industrial (C&I) customers includes a free online tool for empowering you with energy efficiency recommendations, as well as a variety of turnkey performance contracting, financing and performance guarantees that can help you save money.

Energy Management and Efficiency


Energy Management 

The Energy Management Platform (EMP) is a free online tool for our government and C&I electricity or natural gas customers. The EMP helps you better manage your electricity and natural gas usage, and empowers you with customized energy efficiency recommendations that can help you save money.

The EMP displays your actual energy use and cost data, allows you to compare this data over time and helps you to understand how factors, such as weather, can impact your energy consumption. With these insights and metrics, you can better manage your energy budget, benchmark against industry standards and compare energy use across your enterprise. The tool’s easy-to-use data analysis capability can be used to prioritize and set objectives, and to streamline ongoing operations.

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Energy Efficiency

Efficiency First from WGL Energy Services (WGL Energy) can help you leverage your EMP energy efficiency recommendations for further energy and cost savings across your enterprise.

With Efficiency First from WGL Energy, you'll benefit from long-term savings, improved operations and the convenience of working with one partner – all without the need for upfront capital investment.





Our experts complete an on-site energy audit at your business, where we’ll identify opportunities for efficiency upgrades. We’ll even create a payment plan that works for your energy budget.


Your energy savings will help offset equipment and installation costs, so there's no negative impact on your bottom line. When the project is completed, you’ll own all of the equipment – which is paid for as part of your energy supply contract.


Your savings will continue long after your equipment upgrades have been paid off, freeing up future capital for investment elsewhere in your business.


With Efficiency First from WGL Energy, you can upgrade a wide variety of equipment, from LED lights to HVAC controls to reflective window coverings and more. You can rest easy, knowing that WGL Energy's Efficiency First projects come with a multi-year fixed price for electricity, so you'll be protected from changing market conditions and unpredictable prices.


When you partner with WGL Energy for improved energy efficiency, you’ll work with a trusted team of experts to develop a customized plan for achieving your energy management and sustainability goals. WGL Energy manages all of the project complexities, so you can focus on managing and growing your business.


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Energy Efficiency Services


WGL Energy also offers a complete array of energy efficiency services for customers in the following sectors: healthcare, higher education, land port of entry, multifamily, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, public sector and transportation that can help your organization reduce energy costs and consumption.

We provide ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) Level 1-3 studies to identify measures related to lighting, boilers, chillers, EMCS (Energy Management and Control Systems) and other systems, that can help reduce energy demand behind the meter. We also offer competitive turnkey performance contracting and project financing, and we extend performance guarantees.

WGL Energy is the authorized representative of energy services for federal government customers in the Washington Gas territory in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. We are also able to perform the same type of services within the National Grid territory.

Contact Chris Mathey at WGL Energy to learn more.