Carbon Offsets Make Local Tree Plantings Possible, 10th Annual Tree Planting

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Carbon Offsets Make Local Tree Plantings Possible, 10th Annual Tree Planting



WGL Energy employees presenting Chesapeake Bay Foundation with check


On October 17th participants from WGL Energy Services Inc., (WGL Energy) and Chesapeake Bay Foundation planted over 1,200 native trees and shrubs to protect Piney Creek which runs into the Monocacy River and then to the Chesapeake Bay.

Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife, provide cleaner air and cooler temperatures, increase property values, sequester carbon, and reduce polluted runoff. These plantings are critical to our clean water efforts — capturing and filtering out pollution before it enters our streams and tributaries, and helping alleviate flooding through stabilizing the soil.

WGL Energy has partnered with The Chesapeake Bay Foundation since 2010 to help plant 31,000 trees throughout the Chesapeake Bay region. Over the course of their lifetime, these trees will absorb an estimated 31,598 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is equivalent to taking 6,827 cars off the road for one year.

In addition, WGL Energy contributed an additional $141,265 to the CBF-managed Carbon Reduction Fund.

To learn more about the large scale tree planting event, check out our short video:




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