Utility Bills Stressing You Out?

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Utility Bills Stressing You Out?


You can choose who supplies electricity or natural gas to your home.


Choosing an electricity or natural gas supplier for your home lets you choose the best pricing plan for your individual needs. You can lock in a low fixed price, which allows you to better manage your energy costs. This is especially helpful during times when you use more energy for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.


Utility rates can vary by season


WGL Energy Services (WGL Energy) offers competitive electricity and natural gas supply plans for residential customers looking to control their energy costs, while still enjoying a comfortable lifestyle at home. 

All WGL Energy residential electricity plans include a portion of electricity sourced from clean, renewable wind power. WGL Energy natural gas plans include a portion of natural gas matched with carbon offsets.


Avoid the stress that comes from fluctuating utility rates. Take control of your energy bill today and get peace of mind.


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