Choosing Clean, Renewable Energy Is Easy

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Energy Insights

Energy Insights

Choosing Clean, Renewable Energy Is Easy



Did you know you can power your home with 100 percent wind power from WGL Energy Services (WGL Energy)?


Breathe easier when you choose wind power for your home


When you choose 100% National WindPower from WGL Energy for your home, you’re helping to promote cleaner air ...which is great for the environment. Choosing wind power is easy – there's no cost to switch, you don't need special equipment and there’s no better time!  

We match 100% of your electricity supply with renewable energy certificates (RECs) generated from wind farms around the country. By choosing this exclusive offer, you’ll cut your household’s carbon footprint, which is equivalent to taking one car completely off the road for 18 months (based on average household usage of 10,000 kWh/year).
With our fixed-price agreement, your price remains the same for the term of your agreement. Electricity prices may fluctuate, but with WGL Energy, you get peace of mind that comes with a stable price — while helping to improve the environment.

When you choose WGL Energy, your utility will still distribute electricity to your home and provide emergency and other services. Your monthly utility bill will feature WGL Energy electricity charges, sourced from 100% wind power. There will be no service interruption or connection charges. WGL Energy serves over 79,000 residential customers in the greater metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.


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