Energy Procurement 101

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Energy Procurement 101


Energy Procurement


When choosing an energy supplier, it is crucial that your government organization identify its top priorities and requirements during the energy procurement process. Energy procurement is the process of determining energy supply needs and identifying electricity, natural gas, renewable energy, and other energy sources from third-party energy suppliers that can meet these needs.* During this process, a request for proposal (RFP) is submitted to energy suppliers to gauge their interest and determine the terms of a contract. 

WGL Energy offers its customers competitive pricing for fixed and variable contracts. Our fixed-price contracts are best suited for government customers who value price stability and want greater control over their energy budgets. By focusing on energy consumption, rather than market fluctuations, fixed price contracts reduce exposure to price volatility in the retail energy market with an electricity or gas supply price that remains the same over your entire contract period.

Our variable or index-based contracts offer variable electricity and gas supply pricing and are ideal for government customers who want to take advantage of the pricing flexibility inherent in competitive retail energy markets.

Government organizations can benefit from both types of plans, depending on your desired needs and the amount of risk you want to assume. Hiring an experienced broker or consultant is a fee-based option that can assist in monitoring marketplace activity and guide you to the plan that will best fit your energy procurement needs.

To learn more energy procurement process tips, check out our Clean Living podcast episode at

For over 25 years, WGL Energy has been providing renewable energy solutions to homeowners, small businesses, and commercial/industrial/government agencies across the Mid-Atlantic - proving its continual commitment to support sustainability and promote a green economy.


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