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Energy Risk Managers

Interview with WGL Energy’s VP, Sales & Marketing

In a recent interview, Clint Zediak, WGL Energy’s VP of Sales and Marketing, spoke with Jonathan Kersting of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, a group celebrating its 40th year by profiling leaders in the local business community.

Clint and Jonathan delve into energy price instability and highlight WGL Energy's role in ensuring price certainty and cost predictability, effectively managing risk.

Clint underscores, "In the last 18 to 24 months, energy market pricing has shown incredible volatility. If customers are not shopping with a supplier like WGL Energy, they're inheriting that risk. We help customers manage that risk.”

Plus, discover how WGL Energy breaks down Transmission, Distribution and Generation on your utility bill for an Energy 101. Also, learn how energy suppliers serve as partners for customers’ specific energy budget, cost and use requirements.

As for PTC’s next 40 years? Clint envisions local businesses continuing to focus on innovation and their strengths, while WGL Energy expertly addresses the intricate realm of financial risk and energy price fluctuations for peace of mind. Click here for full interview.

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