Fixed-Price Energy Supply Plans Provide Peace of Mind

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Fixed-Price Energy Supply Plans Provide Peace of Mind



One trend appealing to more and more homeowners is the choice of a fixed-price electricity or natural gas supply plan, which provides peace of mind through a fixed price (per kilowatt-hour for electricity or therm for natural gas) for the length of the contract term.

Unlike traditional utility offers where the rate per unit can vary from month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter, fixed-price plans are attractive because they help homeowners better manage their energy costs, particularly during high demand periods when prices tend to rise. Retail energy suppliers are responding to the growing demand for fixed-price plans by offering a variety of competitively priced offers, which may result in cost-savings for the homeowner.

 Fixed-price electricity and natural gas plans provide peace of mind 

WGL Energy Services (WGL Energy) offers fixed-priced plans specifically tailored to the needs of residential customers and small businesses, for both electricity and natural gas supply. These plans lock in the energy unit price for a specified term period, usually 12 or 24 months. By focusing on energy consumption, rather than market fluctuations, fixed-price contracts reduce the homeowner's financial exposure to changes in the retail energy market.

For customers who desire a greater degree of financial certainty and can commit to a contract term, a fixed-price plan may be just the solution. The first step is to check your utility bill to find the average rate you paid last year. For electricity, look for the price per kilowatt hour. For gas, find the price per therm or thousand cubic feet (Ccf) and compare those rates with the prices being offered by retail energy suppliers like WGL Energy.


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