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Get 4% Cash Back When You Use Our Electricity or Natural Gas



WGL Energy Services' (WGL Energy) 4% Cash Back Rewards is a limited-time offer and is available to new residential customers who purchase electricity or natural gas supply services from WGL Energy.


Everyone gets 4% Cash Back with WGL Energy 


The amount of your Cash Back Rewards check is based on the electricity or natural gas supply you use during the term of your WGL Energy Supply Agreement. At the end of each year of your agreement, we'll calculate your annual Cash Back Rewards by multiplying your total electricity or natural gas supply charges by 4%.

Your Rewards check will be sent by first-class mail to the customer of record within 30-60 days of the end of each 12-month period of your initial WGL Energy agreement.


Your Cash Back Rewards applies only to your electricity or natural gas supply charges from WGL Energy. Your WGL Energy electricity or natural gas supply charge will appear as an itemized charge on your electricity or natural gas utility bill.


Signing up for Cash Back Rewards is easy and only takes a few minutes of your time.

Visit our
enrollment portal to start earning your WGL Energy Cash Back Rewards.

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