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Energy Insights

Energy Insights

How to Fund Energy Efficiency Upgrades



Organizations striving to become more energy efficient sometimes run into the challenge of not having enough funds to cover the associated costs. However, there are energy solutions available through local utilities, energy service companies and government agencies that can assist in stretching limited resources.  

Having an Energy Service Company (ESCO) conduct an energy audit is a smart first step in identifying issues and in determining the most cost-effective means of reducing energy use. The goal is to not only achieve lower costs, but to promote environmental stewardship, comfort and safety. Major factors contributing to energy consumption include aging equipment and uncontrolled systems. The most common energy conservation methods are upgrading old and inefficient boilers, HVAC systems and lighting.


 Improve energy efficiency with energy-saving lighting


Energy performance contracting is a vehicle used in many states that allows customers to use savings created by efficiency improvements to pay for or lower the cost of those improvements. Through enabling legislation, institutional and governmental clients are allowed to implement energy-saving technologies while covering the cost of implementation with the savings. Energy performance contracting can also be used by commercial clients.

Lastly, most states have agencies, such as the Maryland Energy Administration, that offer incentives for adopting specific energy efficient and renewable technologies such as solar and Combined Heat and Power (CHP). The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency is another resource for finding incentives across the country. Additional incentives such as high-efficiency equipment rebates can be obtained through local utilities and programs administered through ICF's Power RebateTM App.


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