It is Easy to be Green by Greening Your Next Event

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It is Easy to be Green by Greening Your Next Event


When it comes to events of all sizes, things can be – in a sense – messy. Whether trade shows, exhibitions, symposiums, concerts and other gatherings at hotels, stadiums or conference centers for business or entertainment, each can generate a large amount of waste and serve as big carbon emitters.

‘Greening’ an event can play an important role to address this issue. Organizers can partner with WGL Energy so we can apply our expertise and resources to make events more sustainable and help ensure a lower carbon footprint.

WGL Energy has teamed up with associations, venues and large companies in the region for over ten years to take on the act of greening together, using programs, initiatives, products and services that go a long way to offset and counterbalance the carbon emissions expected to be generated by any event.

For those interested in greening as part of a more sustainable approach to an event game plan, take a look at these steps and benefits:

  • Offsetting emissions generated by events can make a difference in improving air quality, and better air quality lowers pollution, improves human health and causes less harm to our ecosystems.
  • Investing in Carbon Offsets is an affordable and innovative way to counterbalance carbon emissions that result from everyday activities such as travel and energy use.
  • For event organizers hosting hundreds to tens of thousands of attendees, carbon offsets counterbalance the emissions produced by transportation, land-fill waste, hotel stays, and other energy uses, including the energy used to operate concession stands.
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are another option. When organizations choose RECs as part of their electricity supply, those RECs verify that portions of the electricity were generated by a certified renewable source (like wind power). One REC represents one Megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy put on the grid.
  • WGL Energy has invested in the Carbon Reduction Fund, managed by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (with whom we’ve partnered for 12-years), which is used to develop new projects, such as tree plantings, to improve air and water quality in the region and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In a related news article, please link here to see more about the trend of musicians such as Cold Play and Pearl Jam collaborating with nonprofits to make tours environmentally friendly.

WGL Energy encourages event planners to consider greening your next event to underscore your commitment to fostering a healthy environment and driving a sustainable future!

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