Thought Leaders Gather at Climate Strategies Forum

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Thought Leaders Gather at Climate Strategies Forum



Earlier this summer, WGL served as partner and headline sponsor for the Association of Climate Change Officers’ (ACCO’s) annual East Coast Climate Strategies Forum in Arlington, Virginia.

From July 18 - July 20, 2016, thought leaders from WGL and WGL Energy (WGL Energy Services and WGL Energy Systems) came together with energy experts from the private and public sectors to discuss the drivers of climate change and to talk about potential solutions for a more sustainable and resilient future. The three-day conference covered myriad topics from climate adaptation planning, renewable energy answers, resilient infrastructure establishment, ways to reduce risk and advances in energy policy.

At the conference, WGL Energy’s Jeff Borek spoke about dealing with regional energy considerations, John Dukes helped lead a boot camp on developing and enhancing your renewable energy strategy and John Friedman spoke about tactics for effectively communicating climate change to senior decision makers. WGL’s Chief Revenue Officer, Dr. Louis J. Hutchinson III, served on two plenary panels, breaking down the Clean Power Plan and the future of the energy, defense and environmental communities on climate change.

John Dukes at ACCO Climate Strategies Forum 

This year, WGL Energy also greened the East Coast Climate Strategies Forum, donating carbon offsets to counterbalance emissions from travel, hotel stays, energy usage and waste. Carbon offsets are an affordable and innovative way to reduce your carbon footprint by counterbalancing emissions resulting from everyday activities. WGL Energy’s carbon offsets are Green-e® Climate certified and derived from verified carbon reduction projects in the waste management sector, which capture and destroy methane from regional landfills.

WGL has a longstanding partnership with ACCO, as the organization facilitates the public and private partnerships and conversations that are so critical to building a secure and resilient energy future.

Click on the video below to hear excerpts from our thought leaders on key energy issues.

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