WGL Energy and Clean Air Partners Energize Rock & Roll

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WGL Energy and Clean Air Partners Energize Rock & Roll


Clean Air Deeds Concert is carbon neutral with estimated greenhouse gas emissions counterbalanced by WGL Energy carbon offset donations.

WGL Energy, a WGL entity, and air quality organization Clean Air Partners collaborated to educate area concert-goers about ways they can help improve air quality through the use of clean, reliable and renewable energy solutions. To counterbalance estimated greenhouse gas emissions from the concert itself, WGL Energy provided carbon offset donations.

Concert headliners Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire brought together an audience of nearly 14,000 attendees at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Va. WGL Energy donated more than 155 carbon offsets to the event, which effectively offset the emissions produced by concert transportation, hotel accommodations, energy-use, and land-filled waste. The carbon offsets are equivalent to:

 - Avoiding the consumption of approximately 17,500 gallons of gasoline or 
 - Planting more than 4,000 seedlings, and their growth for a decade.

WGL Energy is committed to working towards a more sustainable future for our community," stated Alicia LaRoche, Manager of Green Products for WGL Energy. "This concert is a great opportunity to offset the emissions created by an event of this magnitude, and we look forward to future chances to partner with the Clean Air Partners and Jiffy Lube Live."

WGL Energy's dedication to providing sustainable energy answers aligns with the mission of Clean Air Partners, which established the Clean Air Deeds event to highlight and reward behaviors that improve air quality and smart energy use. Clean Air Partners held a contest in advance of the concert, asking people to share what they are doing to protect the air and the environment. Seventy-five pairs of tickets were awarded to participants across the region.

"Our region's air quality depends on the behaviors of our residents, organizations, and businesses alike. We are excited and grateful for such dedicated partners as WGL Energy – they are showing their commitment to improving our environment through education, while making it fun," said Jennifer Desimone, Clean Air Partners Managing Director. "We congratulate the winners who participated in the Clean Air Deeds contest and thank WGL Energy for their continued support."

The carbon offsets provided by WGL Energy are Green-e® Climate certified and sourced from third-party verified carbon-reduction projects in waste management sectors within the Chesapeake Bay region. A portion of the proceeds from all carbon offsets purchased support the Carbon Reduction Fund, which is managed by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) and goes toward new projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also helping to improve air and water quality in the Chesapeake Bay region. Since 2010, the Carbon Reduction Fund has supported numerous projects, including the planting of over 13,000 trees in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

To learn more about the Clean Air Partners and the Clean Air Deeds Concert, visit www.cleanairpartners.net. To learn more about WGL Energy and its carbon offsets program, go to www.wglenergy.com/offsets

About WGL Energy

WGL Energy delivers a full ecosystem of energy offerings including natural gas, electricity, green power, carbon reduction, distributed generation and energy efficiency provided by WGL Energy Services, Inc. (formerly Washington Gas Energy Services, Inc.) and WGL Energy Systems, Inc. (formerly Washington Gas Energy Systems, Inc.). To learn more, visit us at www.wglenergy.com .


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WGL (NYSE: WGL), headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a leading source for clean, efficient and diverse energy solutions. With activities and assets across the U.S., WGL consists of Washington Gas, WGL Energy, WGL Midstream and Hampshire Gas. WGL provides options for natural gas, electricity, green power and energy services, including generation, storage, transportation, distribution, supply and efficiency. Our calling as a company is to make energy surprisingly easy for our employees, our community and all our customers. Whether you are a homeowner or renter, small business or multinational corporation, state and local or federal agency, WGL is here to provide Energy Answers. Ask Us. For more information, visit us at www.wgl.com.

About Clean Air Partners

Clean Air Partners is a public-private partnership that educates the greater metropolitan Washington-Baltimore region about the health risks associated with poor air quality and the impacts everyday actions have on the environment. For more than 18 years, Clean Air Partners has helped individuals and organizations take simple actions to reduce their impact on the environment and exposure to air pollution during unhealthy air quality days. Clean Air Partners distributes AirAlerts – a free service that that provides air quality forecasts and real-time health notifications via email. For more information and to sign up for AirAlerts, visit www.cleanairpartners.net.