Renewable Energy Leader Launches New Product to Consumers in Managing Their Carbon Footprint

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Renewable Energy Leader Launches New Product to Consumers in Managing Their Carbon Footprint


Renewable Energy Leader Launches New Product to Consumers in Managing Their Carbon Footprint

WGL Energy, a long-time leader in developing renewable energy products for consumers, is excited to announce CleanSteps®, a new product that makes it easier for consumers to manage their carbon footprint. Now, with CleanSteps, customers can account for their carbon footprint by purchasing certified carbon offsets based on certain aspects of personal behavior outside of their home or business. Using three levels of activity to determine an approximate carbon footprint, CleanSteps gives customers control over making a difference in our future.  

“CleanSteps is an easy way to mitigate your carbon footprint by making a small monthly investment, starting at 33 cents per day. WGL Energy has been making a difference in renewable energy since 2010 and this is just the next step to reduce carbon emissions in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States,” explains Larry DePompei, Senior Director heading up the CleanSteps initiative at WGL Energy. 

How it Works  

CleanSteps leverages WGL Energy’s experience of ten plus years offering carbon offsets to residential and commercial customers in the Mid-Atlantic. Carbon offsets help counteract greenhouse gases that result from everyday activities, such as driving a car or dining out. The environmental benefit of just one carbon offset – equal to one metric ton of avoided greenhouse gas emissions — compares to taking an average passenger vehicle off the road for about two months*. While backed by WGL Energy’s expertise, consumers do not have to purchase electricity or natural gas from WGL Energy to purchase CleanSteps and take advantage of the environmental benefits of this new program.  

There are three unique CleanSteps levels to choose from: 

The Contributor: This low-cost option is designed for someone primarily at home, who travels a limited number of miles throughout the year. For as low as 33 cents per day, Contributors can compensate for much of their day-to-day driving, dining out and entertainment, and public internet usage. This is equivalent to one metric ton of CO2 per month.

The Promoter: The Promoter option is ideal for an individual or family who spends more time driving around town. For as low as 50 cents per day, Promoters can mitigate everything mentioned in the Contributor option, plus a considerable amount of their local work and leisure travel. This is equivalent to one and a half metric tons of CO2 per month. 

The Influencer: This level is for those dedicated to going above and beyond to lower their carbon footprint while on the move. For as low as 84 cents per day, Influencers can reduce the environmental impact from their daily driving, dining out and entertainment, public internet usage, and long-distance travel by car, plane or train. This option is equivalent to two metric tons of CO2 per month 

Why CleanSteps?  

Climate focused projects, such as reforestation, intermodal transportation, and landfill gas capture, generate carbon offset certificates which are then purchased and/or traded. By buying any one of the CleanSteps products, customers are balancing their CO2 emissions generated by activities outside of the home with an equal amount of CO2 reductions from climate focused projects within the Mid-Atlantic region. In addition to supporting projects already completed or in progress, and unique to CleanSteps, a portion of all proceeds is also invested into carbon reduction funds managed by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF). These dollars go toward new projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our area. All WGL Energy carbon offsets are validated and verified by an independent third party.  

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*Derived from the Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator | US EPA 

About WGL Energy 

WGL Energy is a leader in competitive energy supply and environmentally friendly energy solutions for residential, government, commercial and industrial customers. For over 25 years, WGL Energy has been providing competitive electricity and natural gas supply, renewable energy and carbon offsets to homeowners, small businesses and large enterprises across the Mid-Atlantic. As part of the WGL family of companies, WGL Energy benefits from nearly 170 years of leadership in the industry. The WGL family of companies are indirect, wholly-owned subsidiaries of AltaGas Ltd.