WGL Energy Highlights Milestones from Chesapeake Bay Foundation Report

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WGL Energy Highlights Milestones from Chesapeake Bay Foundation Report


Partnership Aligned with Mutual Goal of Contributing to a Better Environment

Vienna, VA (June 7, 2024) – As a dedicated environmental steward, WGL Energy today released highlights of its longtime partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF).

The report, compiled by CBF, captures data and statistics of both overall and recent program results that showcase joint accomplishments resulting from donation dollars, volunteer hours, event sponsorship, and participation. WGL Energy worked together with CBF as passionate champions of protecting and preserving the Bay, a national treasure.

“WGL Energy is proud of our history with CBF—it’s rewarding to look back on the many milestones and momentum built to support initiatives that keep the Bay and surrounding wildlife healthy and improve the quality of the land and water vital to the region,” said Mike McGinn, Vice President of Sales, WGL Energy. “Showcasing the data generated by our company’s financial investment and our employees’ dedicated time helps tell the story of our ongoing commitment to the environment.”

To view the full report, please visit Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s 2023 ESG Report Prepared for WGL Energy.

Below are examples from the list of CBF/WGL Energy accomplishments:

Carbon Reduction Fund (CRF) — Since its inception in 2010, the CRF has served as a platform to reduce carbon pollution and improve air and water quality. Roughly $1.6 million of the CRF has been invested as of June 30th, 2023, supporting 108 activities completed to date, such as:

  • 400 acres of trees (roughly 64,991 trees in total), mostly streamside forested buffers
  • 1,016 acres of cropland converted to pasture
  • 1,916 acres of land established in rotationally grazed pasture
  • Conversion of 0.8 acres of an urban lot in Baltimore City to community green space.

The outcomes include:

  • Reduced loads of nitrogen pollution by 31,237 lbs./year
  • Reduced loads of phosphorus pollution by 6,372 lbs./year
  • Expected to sequester more than 99,218 metric tons of carbon dioxide (assuming a lifespan of 50 years for trees and 20 years for grazing projects)

In 2023, WGL Energy donations went toward the following —

  • $100,000 contribution to the Carbon Reduction Fund
  • $50,000 to CBF’s award-winning Environmental Education program
  • $25,000 for Clagett Farm, CBF’s model regenerative agriculture working farm
  • Sponsorships: $10,000 for DC on the Half Shell ($8,800 charitable portion); $10,000 for Bands in the Sand ($9,000 charitable portion); $5,000 to Food & Farm Fest ($4,700 charitable portion)

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