The Meridian Group (TMG) Purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from WGL Energy

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The Meridian Group (TMG) Purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from WGL Energy


WGL Energy’s RECs reinforce TMG’s commitment to the environment by matching 100% of its annual use of electricity for its Virginia properties in 2024

Vienna, VA (January 23, 2024) -- The Meridian Group (TMG), a commercial real estate investment and development firm, has purchased Green-E® certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) from WGL Energy in an ongoing effort to demonstrate its dedication to environmental stewardship.

WGL Energy has served as a Mid-Atlantic retail energy supplier for more than 25 years.

These RECs from WGL Energy will ensure that 100% of the electricity used by TMG’s Virginia properties in 2024 will support the production of renewable wind energy. This purchase demonstrates a focus on environmental responsibility, a commitment shared by both companies.

TMG has also pledged to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with its energy use by more than 43,147 metric tons annually. This is equivalent to taking 9,601 gas-powered passenger vehicles off the road for one year and not consuming 4,855,037 gallons of gasoline, based on estimates by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  

“By purchasing WGL Energy's RECs, TMG can verify that it is supporting wind generation for our Virginia portfolio, underscoring our ongoing commitment to the environment,” said Stacy Lautar, Senior Vice President, TMG.   

“WGL Energy is proud to enable customers to meet energy goals that contribute to a better environment,” said Mike McGinn, Vice President of Sales, WGL Energy. “We applaud TMG for incorporating RECs into their energy procurement to support its comprehensive energy strategy with a continued focus on environmental sustainability.”

A REC is a certificate that verifies the generation of electricity comes from renewable resources such as wind, solar, or hydropower. Each REC represents one megawatt-hour of clean energy produced from those various renewable energy generators and serves as a means to track and encourage the use of sustainable power within the grid. Through RECs, consumers and businesses can support and claim the environmental benefits of renewable energy.

Maryland Energy Advisors LLC assisted TMG in purchasing these RECs from WGL Energy. 

About WGL Energy

WGL Energy is a leader in competitive energy supply and environmentally-friendly energy offerings for residential, government, commercial, and industrial customers. For over 25 years, WGL Energy has been providing retail electricity and natural gas supply, and renewable energy and carbon offsets to homeowners, small businesses, and large enterprises across the Mid-Atlantic, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Ohio, and Delaware. Visit WGL Energy online at,X (formerly Twitter),LinkedIn, and Facebook.   

For more news about WGL Energy, please visit the online newsroom. WGL Energy media inquiries can be emailed to

About TMG    

TMG (The Meridian Group) is a real estate investment management and development firm headquartered in Bethesda, MD, with an office in Dallas. Since its inception in 1993, TMG has acquired and developed millions of square feet of premier office, residential, industrial, hotel and mixed-use projects. The national firm invests in a broad spectrum of property types and is strategically expanding into new markets across the country. To learn more, visit TMG’s website at