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Wind Power Map

Wind Power Map

Clean. Green. Renewable.

Our customers are helping us to make a positive impact on the environment.


A recent study found that "89% of Americans feel companies should operate in a way that benefits society and the environment."1 Many of our customers agree, and they are helping us to make a positive impact on the environment that is strong and measurable.

In 2018 alone – through wind power and carbon offsets – WGL Energy Services (WGL Energy) customers avoided over 2.7 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. This is equivalent to taking over 264,000 cars off the road for an entire year. The map shown below shows the locations of wind farms from which we sourced green power in 2018. 

WGL Energy offers a portfolio of clean, emissions-free, Green-e® Energy certified wind power options, helping our customers to achieve their environmental goals. CleanSteps® WindPower from WGL Energy is sourced from within our own region of the PJM transmission system (click here to view a map of the PJM region). PA WindPower from WGL Energy is sourced entirely from wind farms within the state of Pennsylvania. National WindPower from WGL Energy comes from wind farms located throughout the country. 

All WGL Energy wind power options improve air quality and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, helping us to make a positive impact on the environment.


WGL Energy Wind Power Resources by Product 2018


2018 Wind Power Map

Each circle represents the location of one wind farm. Last updated May 2019.


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