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The Right Natural Gas Plan for Your Small Business

We offer a variety of natural gas supply plans to help small businesses manage operating costs and help the environment.

Choosing a natural gas supplier for your small business lets you choose the best pricing plan for your needs. Our fixed-price plans provide price protection from fluctuating utility rates rates as well as fluctuating market rates for one or two years and our variable-price plans give you the flexibility to change your plan at your convenience.

In addition, WGL Energy offers Certified Gas, which is natural gas produced at wells that emit up to 80% less methane into our air and water. Verified by independent companies during its production, Certified Gas contains the same reliability you have come to expect, with less impact on the environment.

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Busy restaurants with high natural gas usage often prefer the price protection of a fixed-price supply contract

Fixed-Price Plans

Our fixed-price plans are designed for small business customers who want the peace of mind that comes from knowing their natural gas prices will remain the same over their entire contract period.

Growing small businesses often prefer the flexibility of a variable-price natural gas supply plan

Variable-Price Plans

Our variable-price plans are best for small business customers who want to take advantage of the pricing flexibility inherent in competitive retail energy markets.

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