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"Diesel or Natural Gas, Which Way Do I Turn?"


Energy customers in today’s economy are asking this question, particularly when exploring technology selection for power generation. The answer is not easy to find. There are a multitude of variables that influence the type of power generation you should pick for your application, not the least of which is determining if you should be generating at all.


“A sustainable energy management and procurement strategy is

more than an operating expense; it’s an opportunity to stay competitive...”


Hurricane Sandy caused power outages for more than eight million utility customers. Hurricane Katrina resulted affected more than 1.7 million. Both pale in comparison to the 2003 Northeast Blackout when 50 million people lost power. All three events exposed the vulnerability of our aging, largely above-ground electric grid, and not just from powerful storms. The 2003 blackout was started by a sagging transmission line in northern Ohio that faulted on an unpruned tree. When viewed from a vulnerability perspective, the ubiquity of power availability can certainly be called into question. It is understandable that some organizations would want to hedge their bets in order to keep critical systems operational in the event of a sustained outage. These back-up measures require additional investment, but how much and what type become the critical decision points.

There are many power generation options that can be explored. Download our whitepaper for our evaluation of the options of natural gas and diesel fuel as they apply to power generation and combined heat and power (CHP) applications.