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Managing High-Performing Campuses


Colleges and universities spent almost $8 billion on energy in the 2013-14 school year. On average, 18% of a campus facility operations budget is spent on energy and the systems that provide comfort for campus living. 

These systems are not often discussed by the Board of Trustees until a crisis happens and heating or cooling services fail. Although energy spending comprises only a fifth of the equation, managing energy costs is growing in importance as state budget support declines and competitive pressures to minimize tuition and offer deep discounts increases. Controlling costs is more critical than ever, and virtually no aspect of energy can be treated as it was even a decade ago.

Positioning the campus as a leader in sustainability by reducing its carbon footprint, cutting energy waste and mitigating the risks of climate change requires new approaches and bold leadership, as does developing resilient systems to provide heating and lights when the power goes out.

Download our white paper to learn how the smart application of information and energy technologies, financing models and public-private partnerships can help university leaders meet business and academic objectives.


Turning Higher Education Energy Spend Into Facility Investments