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Corporate Renewable Energy Takes Shape


Today, a growing number of organizations and businesses choose offsite renewable energy, or corporate renewable energy procurement, to diversify their energy portfolios, achieve sustainability and meet budgetary goals. Across the spectrum of offsite renewable energy options, small and large solutions exist, but the mid-level options have been scarce.

At one end of the spectrum, many U.S. states and local utilities offer community solar and virtual net metering programs for small commercial customers that qualify for these often-nuanced programs. At the other end of the spectrum lies the RE100, a collaborative, global initiative uniting more than 100 influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity. The RE100 includes large corporations that can source energy directly from solar farms. These are complicated transactions, and smaller companies lacking full time energy and sustainability staffs are unable to take advantage of these structures.

As a result, there remains a wide range of offtakers whose mid-scale energy needs haven’t been fully addressed by traditional service models during the surge of offsite renewable purchasing.

For renewable energy procurement, this trend requires new approaches and experienced partners who can deliver innovative solutions. Download our whitepaper to learn how WGL Energy embraces this development and is working with recognizable mid-level brands in delivering its offsite solution to the marketplace.