Thinking Beyond The Price of Commodity

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How Competition Creates Energy Innovation in the 21st Century


A comprehensive strategy can help turn energy into an asset, differentiate an organization, ensure energy resiliency and security and provide increased budget certainty. 

The volatile nature of energy markets necessitates a far more disciplined, comprehensive and ongoing approach to energy planning – one that takes into account risk factors, broader business trends and both short and long-term goals.

Advanced energy technologies and innovations have increased demand for energy diversity and made the procurement process more intricate. Decisions on energy configurations are no longer limited to purchasing departments, but also key stakeholders including employees, prospective employees, customers, the media, regulators, shareholders and surrounding communities.

With the rapid evolution and a myriad of ever-changing options, looking beyond price in the procurement process can become overwhelming...but rewarding. So where do you begin?

Download our white paper to learn the primary steps to take when embarking on a comprehensive energy strategy. The paper also explores pivotal events within the past decade (i.e. polar vortex) and their impact on market trends. 


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